An Honest Review of AllPlants Ready to Eat Meals

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An honest review of AllPlants ready to eat meals. There are lots of boxed meals on the market right now, designed for busy people, boxes that are sent straight to your door with all the ingredients, weighed out for you, or, even easier, meals that are ready prepared: just slam in the microwave or oven and dinner is served.

Allplants fall into that second category, and to be honest, my preferred way of buying meals. If I’m going to make a meal from scratch, I like going to the store and buying my ingredients, I find that part of the process really important. However, particularly during lockdown though, if you were a little nervous about shopping, or were having to self-isolate, these meal boxes were particularly convenient.

An Honest Review of AllPlants Ready to Eat Meals

So, I do enjoy a ready meal. Sometimes, when you finish work, you just don’t want to bring out the saucepans, you just want to open the microwave door, maybe throw some salad leaves on a plate, and sit in front of the latest Netflix Crime Drama with a ready meal on a tray on your lap.

AllPlants offer a unique and flexible way to purchase plant-based, vegan ready meals, that you simply freeze on delivery, and pop into the oven/microwave when you’re hungry.

Allplants pride themselves on:

  • Freezing their meals for freshness so no preservatives are needed
  • No Palm Oil/GMO
  • Free delivery during the week
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • A choice of over 30 meals
  • Perfectly balanced meals designed by their in-house nutritionist

How Does An Allplants Subscription Work?

  1. Select your portion size. You can choose 6 meals (for £40.50, or, if you click here, you can get 15% off your first order!), or 12 servings (ideal for 2 people, these come in 6 boxes, but in larger containers).
  2. Now the fun part! You can choose if you’d prefer to oven-bake or microwave your meals, if you want them nut-free, gluten-free or soy-free, control your spice level and even if you want your meal to be under 450cals.
  3. Then choose your meals! Their huge choice of meals ranges from pasta, to nachos, to noodles, dal and katsu curry and even pizza!

But what do the Allplants ready meals taste like?

Considering that they ARE ready meals, they are really tasty. For myself, personally, I preferred the Carbonara as it was more filling, being pasta-based. However, the Eggplant Parmagiana was delicious, and would make a great meal served with a salad and some garlic bread!

I oven-baked mine as I think that oven baking makes ready meals taste a little better, however, on a lazy day, I’d happily slam one in the microwave. Cooking from frozen, they took a good 40-45 minutes to cook thoroughly. My oven is old, and over-used, it might be quicker in a different oven.

What I only just realised whilst browsing their site is that they also have a selection of sides (Truffle Cauliflower Cheese, anyone?), priced at £3.45 each, Breakfast Pots (healthy Chia/Oatmeal/Bircher type things), £4.00 each and 6 different types of smoothies, priced at £3.50 each. A great idea to stash them in the freezer, and then blend them up when you need them! Finally, Allplants also offer a selection of puds, reasonably priced at £3.00 per pot.

An Honest Review of AllPlants Ready to Eat Meals

Allplants won’t be everyone, regardless of quality OR quantity. It is quite an expensive way to buy meals, however, if you can buy 6 meals with a discount code (I can offer you 15% off using SWEETERTHANOATS15), it will save you a lot of time if you lead a busy lifestyle. It has the additional benefit of being plant-based and completely customizable. Furthermore, they have 4.5 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot, and that’s based on over 5k reviews.

Pros of an Allplants Subscription

  • Flexibility. You are not tied into a subscription duration and can cancel anytime.
  • Customisation. You are able to choose your meals depending on various dietary and flavour preferences.
  • Add-ons. You can add sides, desserts and they even often breakfast options.
  • Delivery. Free delivery during the week
  • Convenience. Simply stack your meals in your freezer and they’re ready when you are!
  • Sustainability. The packaging is sustainable and food contains no GMOs or preservatives.
  • Health. These meals are ideal for people to transitioning to a plant-based diet, and are formulated by an in-house dietician.
  • Flavour and Range. The meals taste delicious and they have a great variety to choose from.

Cons of Ordering from Allplants

  • Cost. At £40.50 for 6 meals, it is not the cheapest option. Supermarket ready meals are cheaper.
  • Sides are extra. I think it might be better value for people if the meal maybe included a side as well.
  • Delivery is not free at the weekend. Many of us work so get our deliveries at weekends.
  • Nothing beats homemade meals. But this is a minor complaint.

In short, if you can afford it, I highly recommend grabbing yourself a box to try. If you find that you love their meals, they also offer a great referral program. I would definitely like to try all 55 meals one day, and I’m hoping that they might start adding their Treat section (delicious little pots of puds like Sticky Banoffee Pudding and Golden Apple Crumble) to the meal boxes too.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your review! It seems a great idea for extremely busy people who can’t always find the time to cook from scratch. And pricing is also reasonable. I will recommend it to a vegan friend; I’m sure she’ll find it useful.

  2. Thanks for this review. There are so many subscription services available now, and not many reviews. This will give me the confidence to try it.

  3. These do sound like the perfect way to get a healthy meal in after a long day. I think it’s totally acceptable to pay more for a meal that is already ready than purchasing each ingredient at the store & making it at home. I can see this being great for weekdays and then making home cooked meals on the weekend!

  4. We have similar services here in Canada, but I like that your’s is plant based and comes in sustainable packaging. It would be worth a try with the 15% off, on a week you know you would be too busy to cook.

  5. I haven’t tried any ready to eat meals yet but I’ll definitely be giving AllPlants a go! It looks delicious and would be nice to have on hand so I don’t have to cook all the time.

  6. nice review! I love how you detailed the pros and cons, its just sad that plantbased meals can be really expensive making it not easy to try for others.

  7. Thanks for the great review! It sounds like the perfect option for healthy eating if you have a busy schedule. The food looks absolutely delicious, and how handy is it that you can freeze them!

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